Why is there a worker shortage? It’s not because of $300 a month

Let me break this down.

We have over 600k people who have died from covid.

For a year many government officials did all they could to ignore expert scientific and economic advice.

So the nation forced service…

Women of the KKK

The actions in DC this week may have been triggered by the actions of Donald Trump, but even he is just a symptom of a larger disease that is part of the legacy of the United States.

The US has always suffered from a white nationalist problem, born out of…

CDC image of COVID-19

Herd Immunity

Houston during Harvey

Over the last few years there seems to be an exponential increase in the amount of misery and despair discussed among everyday Americans. Much of this is due to the shattered illusion of the safety and comfort of American democracy. …

Joe Tse

Current cyber security engineer, feminist, activist, and geek. Co-admin of Pantsuit Republic Texas. Adult advisor to MFOLH.

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